Overall experience at Cal Lutheran?

I’d like to hear about anyone’s experiences with California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks! I’d love to hear about dorm life, campus location / surrounding area, campus “vibe”, what students do on weekends or outside of class, etc? Also, I’ve heard it’s not an overly religious campus, so I was wondering if the students lives reflect Christian beliefs or is it more similar to a state college? Thank you! :slight_smile:

My daughter is a senior this year at Cal Lu. It’s a wonderful school with a very strong academic program. My daughter loves the fact that the school is large enough to get a real college feel, but small enough to know the professors. She is involved in Lord of Life and they do have chapel services every Thursday. Of course its optional but many of the students do attend when they can. The pastors are very well liked and interact with the students. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. Btw, the kids go to the mall, movies, school events are popular with the kids too.