Overall Experience

Hi, I am currently looking into colleges to apply to, and I am wondering if CLU would be a good overall fit. From what I’ve heard, CLU seems great academically, but lacks socially. I care about my education, but also am interested in broadening my experiences and horizons. Can any students give any insight based on their experiences? Are there parties or events to go to? Do people often hangout and have fun, or is it a more strict, learning environment? Lastly, how strict is the campus? Any answers to these questions would be extremely helpful!

I have a son who attends Cal Lu. Academically it is a great school. Wonderful professors and small class sizes. It seems to be lacking in the social area. while they do have sports teams and seem to put on lots of events for the students, the overall vibe of the school is pretty quiet. MANY students are from the area and go home most weekends. It is very quiet over the weekends, at least that is what I have been told. It’s in a very nice residential area, but there is nothing for the students to do within walking distance. I can’t speak to parties, etc., but I believe my son would choose a different school if he were to do it again, based in large part on the fact that it is such a small, quiet school. But again, that’s just our experience, I have heard of other students who love it there. Good luck to you!

My daughter graduated in 2016. Academically it is great! In her profession, she is consistently asked where she received her training. Socially, it was perfect for her. It’s small enough to make good lasting friendships, but located in a city that’s close to the beach, LA, mountains, and many other wonderful places for kids to spend time together and have fun. Keep in mind that you go to college and pay huge tuition for an education. The social aspect is what you make of it. Good luck