Overestimated EC Hours

Hi guys. I was recently accepted to my reach school, but I’m stressing out about something. I am a member in a club at my school (think meetings twice a month, an occasional event). Basically, this is not a significant EC of mine. On my application, I put the hours down as 1 hr/wk for 20 wks/yr. However, with COVID and accidental overestimation, the actual wks/yr is closer to 10.

The college I was accepted to is very selective, so I doubt this EC made much of a difference in the first place, but I’m freaking out. Would I have still been accepted had I reported 10 wks instead of 20? I have talked to several people about this, and they have all reassured me that I’m being irrational. What do you guys think? I’m sorry for how irrational I sound, but I can’t help it.

You’re being irrational


That’s what I needed to hear, thank you

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No problem. Congrats.