Overnight guests?

<p>Are guests of the opposite sex allowed to spend the night in dorms?</p>

<p>Is it allowed? Don't know. Does it happen? What do you think???</p>

<p>Official policy:
Guests</a> - Case University Office of Student Affairs</p>

<p>Duration of overnight stays for guests, what sort of notice you need to give your roommate, whether or not they can be of the opposite sex, etc. is pretty much left to you and your roommate (unless you feel you need to bring in the RA as an arbiter). You are strongly encouraged by your RA to lay down guidelines at the beginning of the year to make things clear from the start. I just want to really encourage you to be completely honest, if something will make you uncomfortable, don't be shy to put it in your roommate agreement, I've seen people work out that they don't feel comfortable with any overnight guests while others don't think anything of it, it's so much better to be upfront than to seethe about it during finals or something.</p>