Overnight Host Program

<p>I was wondering who else got this invitation:</p>

<p>"Do you have questions about what campus life is like at Berkeley? Do you want to learn more about the unique academic and cultural opportunities available to students at the premier public university in the country? Maybe you have questions or concerns about your major, financial aid, housing, or academic support services.</p>

<p>If so, the Overnight Host Program is a great opportunity for you to get the answers to these and other questions about UC Berkeley. The program connects you with a volunteer host who will give you a first-hand look at Cal student life. During your stay you will explore the Berkeley campus, attend seminars, connect with campus resources, meet other new students, and see Cal from a current student's perspective."</p>

<p>My other friends got the overnight stay invitations as well, but one of them got the Bridges Senior Weekend. The information she sent me about the senior weekend was pretty much the same. They offered free transportation to berkeley, dorming with current students, and we get to tour the campus. the differences are the dates and the length of the stay.</p>

<p>Overnight Host program: April 11-12, April 18-19, or April 25-26.
Senior weekend: April 10-12.</p>

<p>Is there any reason why we got different programs? Whats the real difference between them?</p>

<p>Where did they offer you the free transportation?</p>

<p>well, everything is free for us:</p>

<p>"The program is free to those who are selected to participate and includes the cost of transportation, meals, and accommodations."</p>

<p>"We provide a no-cost overnight experience to only about 800 admitted students who would not be likely to visit Berkeley without this program. In selecting students to participate, Berkeley used the following criteria: students who participated in major outreach programs (e.g.. EAOP, Puente, MESA, Upward Bound, Talent Search, etc.); students who attend high schools that score low on the statewide ranking of academic performance measures (the Academic Performance Index); or students from low-income families who attend California private high schools."</p>

<p>Yeah haha, I figured that out - ah well. I'm attending normally, it should be awesome! Really looking forward to it/visiting graduated seniors :)</p>