overnight stay for orientation

<p>do we have to stay overnight for orientation?</p>



<p>I remember 2 years ago my friend made an excuse that she had a stomach ache and was feeling dizzy, so they allowed her to go back home for the night and coming back on campus the next morning. But when you pay for the $250 fee for orientation it is for staying overnight, so you would just be wasting money for something included in the fee?</p>

<p>I worked as a Bear Facts Orientation Counselor of summer 08. </p>

<p>Bear Facts orientation is a mandatory session consisted of an overnight stay.</p>

<p>If for some reason you decide to leave in the middle of the night (without asking for permission) or any legitimate reason (i.e. medical complications) than...your registration of classes may be withheld, until most of the other students have gotten theirs.</p>

<p>Also, in subscript on the application for the bear facts session that you may or may not have already signed up (P.S. sign up soon, the sooner, the better chance you have at getting the classes you want) ..anyway..under subscript i believe it says...that if you leave there is an inconvenience fee. </p>

<p>Anyway, on a good note, Bear FActs is where you meet your first friends, get a first hand experience of residence hall life, and register for classes. </p>

<p>Be optimistic, it will be fun :]</p>