Overnight Stay Program (OSP), hosted by the Alumni Scholars Association

Students will have the opportunity to spend a night in a dorm room, speak to current students, alumni, professors, staff members, eat in the dining halls, visit classes, learn about clubs, experience several amazing performances, and much more. Many students have made many friends at this program, including their future roommates.</p>

<pre><code> For the first time we will also be hosting a parent program. Our parent program is designed to focus on the concerns that parents have about their children going to college, covering such topics as health, safety, housing, dining, financial aid, family transitions, Cal Parents, and much more. (Please note that parents will need to provide their own housing)

    Last year our program drew 350 applicants in just the first minute! And 99.7% of the 550 program participants said that they would highly recommend this program to their friends. This year the program will include three sessions (dates listed below).


<p>I really hope that you will consider joining us for our program, but if not, I hope you can make it Cal Day, join another program, or at least make it out the campus to see it one time, and I wish you the best in your college decision.


<p>anyone else get this....it seems to be just another porgram just like the summer bridges...anyone going?</p>

<p>I got this as well... but I already signed up for the OHP... so iono</p>

<p>OHP and OSP are similar. I wouldn't go to both cause it's not worth the cost. Not sure if summer bridges is like this, but I'm assuming that the program agenda will probably be similar since it is attracting admits to Cal.</p>

<p>i only got this one....does anyone konw why or if they are different?</p>

<p>I noticed at the bottom of the registration the OSP asked how you identified yourself ( i.e. urm, etc)</p>

<p>The charge of $90 is kind of expensive. I do not believe the spaces will go as fast as last year. There are still plenty of room right now to register.</p>

<p>Didn't get the OHP and/or "bridges" one but it sounds like the summer program happens after you've decided to attend. OSP sounds more like an "overnight", to see if you WANT to attend.</p>

<p>Too cheap to do it.</p>

<p>so i signed up for this mess and then an hour ago i got an invite for four free days there from the 10-13....do you think i can give my reservation to my father..because i didn't register him...its not like im asking for a refund...</p>

<p>yeah... D got that one too. Anyway, she's adamant. Not. Going. To. Berkeley. Oh, pooh.</p>

<p>really? in undecided between here adn ucla and usc and both la and cal are offering free four-day weekends so im going to both and missing prom and junk</p>

<p>Yeah, she's hooked on Duke.</p>

<p>I am thinking of signing up for OHP (seems cheaper than OSP by Alum. Assn.)
What is this free 4 day invite - sent by who and was it email or letter?</p>

<p>"What is this free 4 day invite "</p>

<p>"Black Senior Weekend Invite"</p>

<p>CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to UC Berkeley!!!!! We invite you to a FREE visit to the Berkeley campus April 10, 2007 - April 13, 2007 as part of the Black Senior Weekend program. During your visit, you will stay with a current student to experience first-hand what college life at UC Berkeley is all about. Please read the attached paperwork.</p>

Not. Going. To. Berkeley.


<p>Familiarity breeds contempt.</p>

<p>^She's really only been once (For that Sci & Engineering thing, followed by an Alvin Aily performance). It's more about the reputation for intensly competitive academics and size...could be a UC is familiar thing, now that you mention it.</p>

<p>whats the difference between this and bridges or something. im going on april 10-12 and its supposedly free and the filipino association people keep calling me about it. is it individual associations sponsoring it or something?</p>

<p>yeha i think the invidvidual associations are supporting it and are making it all around the same time</p>