Overnight Stays

<p>Quick question: when Middlebury says that overnight stays for admitted students are arranged in April, does that mean that, in April, they do the arranging for you, or does that mean you are allowed to arrange for your own overnight stay, in April?</p>

<p>I'm pretty positive they mean that you are allowed to arrange for your own overnight stay. But I can't be one hundred percent sure so don't count on this and you should check for yourself by calling or emailing. Haha or asking someone who actually has done it before, instead of crazy me.</p>

<p>You can make your own arrangements to stay with someone. Usually someone who graduated from your high school will host you. Or you can do it through Midd. They're really nice and the campus is so casual, that it's not a big deal to have an overnight stay for a night or two. I couldn't believe how much the students loved it there, it was almost like they were paid to be so positive.</p>

<p>I'm not exactly sure of the details of arranging your own overnight, but in April there are 2 Admitted Students weekends. I think you should probably receive something in March with the details, but you just have to sign up for it and they'll set you up with a student. I'd recomment those weekends, as you can then get a good idea of who your future classmates might be, and they also have some little special events which tend to be fun.</p>

<p>My experience at the one I attended was overwhelmingly positive and it strongly influenced my decision to attend. Of course, it might have been better if I hadn't been so swayed by that one night with that select group of people, but it's different for everyone.</p>

<p>? this sounds like a story. </p>

<p>And thanks for all the responses...everyone is very helpful. I was basically just wondering whether I should be doing something, or just sitting back and waiting for the chance to do something.</p>


<p>I've just been having an extremely difficult time finding my niche up here. The students I was staying with in April were all Febs (and did rather fit the Feb stereotype of quirky, unique individuals) and I felt very "at home" with them. However, I haven't really found that level of comfort that I could sense then during my 6 months here. A lot of this probably stems from my being a hypersensitive, introverted and very sub-free person and probably has nearly as much to do with my own personality as those of my peers. But still, I often find myself wishing I'd gone to that Ivy in New Hampshire with my twin, as there I'd have the support system of siblings and also more academic opportunities.</p>

<p>But don't let this make you think that <i>you</i> won't enjoy yourself; everyone's different.</p>

<p>oh no i'm just always curious. nosy, rather. but yes. i'm sure i will enjoy myself. and perhaps you shall like me! i consider myself quirky! okay now i'm just being obnoxious/ridiculous/tooting my own horn(?). i don't think i have a niche exactly in high school. i float. or rather, run around frenetically. but sometimes i'm introverted.perhaps this just means i'm crazy and has nothing to do with being either quirky or unique. what does sub-free mean?</p>

<p>substance free?</p>

<p>oh that would be logical wouldn't it. well there you have it. i'm substance free, i think, unless that includes painkillers because i'm a wimp and can't stand headaches.</p>

<p>It's basically no drugs (of the non-prescription sort, ha) and no alcohol. They used to have sub-free housing for freshmen, but the demand was down so much this year that we're all lumped together.</p>

<p>that's sucky. see, i figure i act crazy enough on my own (personal dance parties, constantly singing, spontaneous reenactments of weird things going on in my mind...) that the addition of any mind altering substance would either cause me to combust or make me go all the way around again and make me boring.</p>