Overnight visit

<p>I'm going for a visit later in the moth and I was wondering what type of clothing I should wear? Should I dress as if I were going to an interview, or just dress like I would any other day?</p>

<p>Dress like a college student. :D</p>

<p>Dress normally, you're not being evaluated in anyway during the overnight, it's more or less purely for your own benefit. Some suggestions: bring your own towel (college students often only have one or maybe two clean ones and they're usually using them. Also the bathrooms don't have paper towels so for normal hand washing/facewashing at night, your own towel is important). The admissions office has air mattresses for hosts to borrow for their prospies,but if they run out or your host forgets, you may well be sleeping on the floor. While I'm sure your host will make you as comfortable as possible, if you have one of those thin camping pads, you may want to bring that as insurance. Don't forget your sleeping bag! Also it's good to have a little petty cash on hand in case you get invited out for coffee or ice cream or something. 10 bucks is more than enough. Have fun!</p>

<p>Thanks for all the advice!</p>