Overnight visits

<p>If you've done this/hosted a student...what was your experience like? I know it's a really broad question, but I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth it. Comments about staying at Duke are best, but feel free to comment if you've done it at any other school. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'll give you this much: When I was a senior in high school, from everything I'd heard about Duke I hated it. I applied just to annoy someone I didn't like (long story). I had no intention of going. In fact, going to Duke was the absolute last thing on my mind. I had my deposit sealed and ready to be sent off to another school (Amherst). My parents made me go on an overnight visit to "make sure" I knew what I was giving up, and I went with the sole intention of proving to them that I'd hate it.</p>

<p>After my overnight visit, I fell so much in love with the place that I sent my deposit in the next morning. I'm now a sophomore who can't imagine being happier anywhere else. Soooo, coming from me...if you have a chance to do an overnight, TAKE IT. It could change everything.</p>

<p>wow...bandcampgirl...that's quite a story</p>

<p>i hosted two students my freshman year. both were great experiences... one of them chose harvard over duke, b/c she got a better f-aid package, but the other one is here and i'm still friends w/ her. basically-- come on a thursday night or a weekend. you can go to classes on thurs or fri and still go out (if that's what you're into). i brought my p-frosh with me to fraternity date events and out to all the parties and to frat houses and took good care of them. they came to classes, ate w/ my friends, etc. a lot of fun. when i visited, i went on a sunday night before the last few days of classes spring semester. everyone was SO STRESSED OUT and burned out that no one was really willing/able to show me a good time. sunday nights/monday nights aren't great because people are tired and have work and stuff.</p>

<p>I didn't overnight at Duke, but I did spend an overnight visit at U Chicago, which wasn't so close and familiar. Chicago has a reputation for work-work-work, but my visit didn't bear that out at all. I stayed in one of the more active dorms with a dining hall, and it seemed like a normal, lively college scene. The overnight visit was one reason why UC went to the top of my list. Overnighters are the best way to get a good look at a college, I think.</p>

<p>I'm coming to Duke in a couple of weeks :) I actually picked a Thursday before I read your post, bluestar7, thinking that it would be the best going-out night (apparently, overnights are only available Monday-Thursday)...your comments just confirmed that. Thanks for your responses!</p>

<p>Yeah, I definitely want to stay a night over too! Overnights now are Monday-Thursday. So I'm going to hit that up.</p>