Overpassing my GPA?

<p>I happen to be extremely involved in EC's and sports. I received a 34 ACT. Ive taken 4 AP classes. But my GPA is only around a 3.0. What do you think would be the outcome of applying to Harvard?</p>

<p>Honestly, I think the GPA will hurt you. Harvard has so many applicants that you need everything to be perfect in order to maximize your chance. There are people who took more than 4 AP classes in their senior year and still get a very high GPA.</p>

<p>In an earlier post you said you scored a 24ACT. Curious...</p>

<p>But to answer your question, ECs and sports don't trump solid academic work. A 3.0 is multiple standard deviations from the typically accepted Harvardian.</p>

<p>And in another earlier post you said you had a perfect score of 36. Truthfully, even if you have a 34 or 36, unless there are compelling extenuating circumstances, the outcome of your application will be rejection -- just like nearly everyone else who applies. So no worries, you're in good company and there are lots of other excellent schools out there.</p>

<p>Although you'd be a less annoying CC poster if you just tell the truth...</p>

<p>A friend who I'm helping with her Harvard app (I'm helping several :)) is in a very similar position. A little higher than a 3.0, but nonetheless in the top 25% of the class (guestimate, no rankings at those schools). A Stanford admissions officer said a shady test score may be compensated by a shady transcript, but not vice-versa. Any input?</p>