"Overqualified" for U of Cincinnati. Chance for full ride? (international)

<p>Well, as an international living in the U.S. who hopes to major in classics, I have not been able to apply to many of the great in-state schools such as UVA and W&M because I don't qualify for aid. Therefore, my list had no safeties (HYPS, Dart.,Brown, Williams), and only 1 match (colgate). Thankfully I ran into U of C which has great scholarship chances and a pretty solid classics department... I would like some info about the process for the full-ride scholarship and any experiences you guys know of, or have had. Do I stand a chance? Especially since I am not applying for engineering? Also, given that U of C has its own app, how do I send along a list of classics awards which is a huge part of my extracurricular accomplishments?</p>

<p>SAT: 780 CR, 710 M, 800 W. Will retake in Oct. if time permits to better math.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 UW/4.391 W, school does not rank, but will have counselor indicate in rec what my rank "would be" if she is able</p>

<p>Senior Schedule: Journ. 4, AP Comp and US gov, AP lit, AP vergil, APES, AP euro, AP calc BC</p>

<p>Hooks: First-gen, Hispanic (El Salvador)</p>

<p>EC: Mostly latin, but my service (which is a must for the scholarship) is centered around teaching/mentoring/tutoring in a variety of settings... e.g. english workshops, minority panel discussions, minority mentor, latin tutor, greek teacher, elem. school tutor.. My essay will probably be more service-based as opposed to the emotional, personal common app essay I plan to write.</p>

<p>OH, one quick question. Can I apply for this school at the same time as I am applying for Harvard SCEA? It's a public institution and I'd love to have an acceptance in by Jan.</p>

<p>I appreciate any help regarding U of C, scholarships elsewhere, other safeties, any info about classics at U of C or elsewhere. Thanks!!!</p>


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