Overview on Trinity College (Hartford, CT)

I would really appreciate it if some of you could put your opinions about the academic strengths, campus environment, and other relative pros and cons of Trinity College here.

Before I started researching about Trinity College, I assumed that it is a religiously-affiliated college, but now I have found that it is not. How would you people consider Trinity College for an international applicant?

Besides, I would also like to have a detailed comparison between Trinity College and Connecticut College, both of which are in CT, for international admissions.

Isn’t there any Trinity alumnus or current student in the forum? :-S

I am a Trinity alum and parent of a recent grad. I would strongly recommend that you consider Trinity. It once had roots in the Episcopalian tradition but has long been non- sectarian. Trinity has robust academics and is known for its strong Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Political Science departments. Being located in the capital city of Connecticut, there are endless opportunities for internships, research, civic engagements, etc. Community service has always been a huge focus at Trinity. Angel Perez. Trinity’s Vice President for Enrollment is an amazing individual and has made financial aid and diversifying the school top priorities. The Trinity network is strong, and grads come out getting amazing jobs and sustaining lifelong Trinity friendships. Trinity transformed both my life and that of my daughter’s.

Thank you, @Lizzieofboston. Can you shed some on the international student body there?

I don’t know too much about the international population, sorry.

I’m a current trinity student:
-true, not a religious school
-very generous financial aid for international students, but also more competitive for admission
-good amount of international students, there’s stuff like the Asian American Student Association AASA that lots of international people join
-I like the campus it is safe and nice, but hartford isn’t that great
-great research opportunities - interdisciplinary science program - I published freshman year
-big party scene, can be good or bad
-25% of students are in the 1% income bracket, also can be good or bad
-best D1 squash in the country
-no engineering program or frats at CC, otherwise very similar

@beanboy is the school exclusive? if you aren’t from the east coast, will u make friends