OWU for theater

<p>D just received an email saying she would be receiving a theater scholarship. (She will get something in the mail saying for how much.) She already received a large merit scholarship, and the addition of theater money means OWU is a real contender for us. Is anyone else considering OWU for theater and/or vp?</p>

<p>My D is in the same boat. Thinking, thinking</p>

<p>@sarrook - Are you and D going to accepted students' weekend? We most likely will be going. </p>

The theater departments okay, hope she didn’t end up there!</p>

<p>So how is the theater program? My daughter was admitted to Ohio Wesleyan and wants to major in Theater (and Asian Studies) but we visited during the summer and so didn’t meet any professors or theatre majors. On paper, the theater program looks very good.</p>

My daughter is accepted and is considering OWU for theater due to large merit and theater scholarship, Need to meet theater department before making decision.

@stella65 If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage you to have your daughter meet the theater department faculty at OWU. Our son is a theater major and one of the deciding factors was how impressed we were with the professors we met on a campus visit. Now that he’s a student and has taken classes from most of the faculty in the department, we are even more impressed. We had also heard great things about the program and faculty from a graduating student, the son of a friend.