oxbridge video gaming

<p>How popular are video games at oxbridge?I am a video game fanatic who fancies attending either oxford or cambridge universities.Whatever the replies are though,I plan on packing my x 360 and carrying it there.</p>

<p>Don't forget your power adapter.</p>

<p>You're right racinreaver,that; and my wicked collection of games.</p>

<p>Somehow the phrase "College life" precludes the inclusion UK universities, in my mind</p>

Somehow the phrase "College life" precludes the inclusion UK universities, in my mind


<p>Only British and American (and perhaps Canadian, to an extent) universities have a concept known as "college life". The rest of world commutes to their schools.</p>

<p>Yeahhhhh.... that's not it, though. I don't know why. haha</p>

<p>lol those Brits party hardy. Especially cos they all can go to bars and clubs.</p>

<p>@XX55XX I think even in the UK there are a fair amount of commuters.</p>

<p>Same can be said about American universities, too, DC. You and I commute to our respective schools, no?</p>

<p>Guys,believe me,I do appreciate your replies,but they have nothing in relation to the subject at hand.Its all about gaming on this post.Thanks.</p>

<p>Hey,Oxbridge lovers,students,students to be,STAFF ,alumni,ejectees,name it,what's up?Don't you love video games?Post something,will you,THIS IS FOR YOU!</p>

<p>My S attends Oxford and is a keen gamer. He took his PS3 for the first term but did not take it back this term because the workload left very little time for even the most casual game.
Oxford has 8 week terms in which they cram into that work that other unis can take 12 weeks to deliver. They disapprove of students taking part time jobs as there is simply not the time when you are working 7 days a week on your studies. Students are also expected to work pretty hard in their 6 week breaks - they are always given extra reading lists, maybe a few essays and for the science students like my son - problem sheets to complete. They return to an exam on the first or second day of each term just to make sure they kept the studying up during the long break. </p>

<p>Lobzz - not sure what your comments mean? What happens in "college life" in the US that you don't think happens at UK unis?</p>

<p>Most students will prefer unis away from home and its only the recent harsh economic climate that has forced more to commute to local ones. Like most prospective students , living in Hall (dorms) is a major part of the college experience. Perhaps the only difference is that our kids can access alcohol from 18 and it is an accepted part of campus life.</p>