Oxford College at Emory vs CAS at Boston University

<p>I’m torn between a decision between Boston University, and Oxford College at Emory. I’ve been put on the waiting list for Emory College at Emory, so for now, I have to deposit into one of these colleges.</p>

<p>I’ve been admitted into Boston University CAS, and am thinking of doing Economics or a business related major.</p>

<p>Oxford College, for those of you who do not know, is a 2 year liberal arts school 40 miles from Emory College (the main campus). The caliber of students at Oxford College is relatively weaker compared to Emory College. But after 2 years, they get transferred to Emory College, and also have an option to apply to Goizueta B school (which 75% of Oxford applicants get in). At the end of the 4 years All prior Oxford Students earn an BA/BBA from Emory University, as well as an AA from Oxford College.</p>

<p>Taken from US news Emory is ranked 17 in the nation. versus 57 at Boston University. But I worry about future prospects and whether employers will see that I have an AA at Oxford and would “discriminate” as it is an easier school to get into compared to Emory.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help! Any post would influence me on deciding on this 4 year investment</p>

<p>I heard that in the final transcript from Emory, it doesn't say anywhere that a student attended Oxford the first two years. The Oxford student gets a diploma exactly identical to the Emory student in the end, so employers will have no idea whether you went to Oxford or Emory as long as you maintain good GPA throughout the years.
Hope that helps.
If you're doing economics, I think Boston University is better, but then Emory still provides good education also, due to the fact that professors prefer teaching rather than researching, which is not the case in most other universities. For Business related majors, hands down, Emory wins. So if the cost isn't much of an issue to you, I don't think Oxford is necessarily a bad choice.</p>

<p>I know this is very subjective and even a bit skeptical since you don't know me, but, go to Oxford. :)
And here's a logical reason why:</p>

<p>I know that many times, rankings are skewed and very biased; but there's always some truth in lies. Can I get a witness?
I don't understand why people place so much concern on the AA degree from Oxford. Essentially, one is graduating from Emory University. period. </p>

<p>I was also excepted to CAS at Boston. I declined the other day, although, I know it would probably be a lot more fun and interesting living in Boston with thousands of different college students. </p>

<p>While I can't comment on who is better for Econ, ultimately, Oxford/Emory wins in all aspects. I'm going in undecided and I don't plan on going into Nursing, Pre-Med, or Business, which are Emory's pride and joy.</p>

<p>Overall, I know I'm going to get something great out of that place no matter what I choose to do: work in ministry or become the next asian american president. (which i predict to become a more plausible possibiltiy after this year's elections)</p>

<p>thanks alot =P i'm deciding to enroll into Oxford, and declined BU as well. i'll be seeing you there! I'm Brian Tsang btw, and join up the facebook group. "Accepted Oxford at Emory 2012" and "Oxford College of Emory University" see you there</p>