Oxford (Emory) Athletic Recruit

Does Oxford (Emory) have a separate recruiting process from Emory? Can anyone share their experiences? What does it like to be an athlete at Oxford?

Yes, the process is separate. My son was on the soccer team, which was a fantastic experience. If you have particular questions I can pass them on to him. The coach is lovely. Oxford Emory competes with other 2 year schools, which are community/junior colleges. In 2019 Oxford Emory won the Regionals, and then competed in the National Championships for the 1st time. The school was very supportive, kitting the team out with lots of gear including a winter coat, as the championships were in upstate NY in November. And that’s pretty much everything I know!

Thank you so much! That is very helpful. I think the 2-year LAC setting at Oxford Emory is a good fit. Any idea if the recruiting standard is lower compared to the main campus, since Oxford’s athletic teams compete with other community/Jr colleges?

Although I’m familiar with d3 soccer recruiting, I am not familiar with Emory’s level of play specifically. I believe that Oxford’s level is lower. While some community/junior colleges aren’t that competitive, some are super competitive, even recruiting internationally. Some kids at these schools are d1 level, hoping to transfer to a 4 year school. That said, I saw these types of schools at the national championship, not so much during regular season play.

Are you interested in Men’s soccer? If so feel free to PM me. You should be reaching out now to coaches, btw.

Do players from Oxford typically go on to play for Emory their junior and senior years?

I would say, typically no.

My son is an athlete at Emory main campus (XC/track). It is very rare for an Oxford athlete to continue in their sport after they move to the main campus. I won’t say it never happens, but don’t count on it. The recruiting processes are separate, and standards are lower at Oxford. So is the competition–there is a difference between competing at the junior college level vs the DIII level. If you’re interested in XC or track, feel free to PM me.