Oxford: Mathematics and Statistics

I’m a US student. I am extremely interested in statistics, and going abroad to study it.
Here are my scores:
SAT: 2310 (m800,cr730,w780)
SAT Math 2: 800
SAT Bio: 740
US History: 710
4.0 unweighted, 4.41 weighted (will be taking four more ap classes next year)
currently interning at san diego supercomputer center.
also volunteering at reuben h fleet science museum.
also waiting to hear back from several minimum wage jobs that i applied to.
also i play violin competitively, won first at a lot of competitions, got scholarship money over $2000. principal at youth symphony.
also i run varsity cross country and distance track.
also i am the editor for school newspaper.
thanks yall. im waiting on my ap scores. i took ap stats this past year. im currently reading Big Data by Viktor mayer-schonberger. probably gonna write about it in my ps; its pretty interesting.

Do you have APs with 5s in cal, stat, physics, and maybe CS? SAT Bio and Hist would not be considered relevant subjects for Oxbridge admission.

Except your current internship your ECs are all irrelevant. If your APs come through you are past the first hurdle. PS & (esp) practicepracticepractice for the MAT! That is next hurdle you have to clear to get invited for interview. IF you get invited to interview your chances are 1 in 3 (genuinely: they interview an average of 3 people for every place).

I got a 5 in calc but a 4 in statistics. oh dear. ;,( my school doesnt offer AP computer science.
what do i do now…