Oxford Scholars

<p>anyone know when THIS information comes out? (emory scholar reject)</p>

<p>Someone in a previous thread said they called and were told the decisions would come out this coming Tuesday.</p>

<p>When was the deadline for this?</p>

<p>you nominate yourself for Oxford Scholars on your application...the deadline was November 15th.
and thanks for inatlga!</p>

<p>I got another email from my admissions couselor today and she said they are coming out tonight =) Good luck!</p>

<p>Ok so it's 5 o'clock and I haven't gotten an email :(</p>

<p>Did anyone get notifications today? I missed the deadline by a week and don't know if im even being considered...</p>

<p>Originally someone posted that the decisions would be out tonight, but then another person heard from the Oxford office that it would be "this week." So who knows? It's a surprise!</p>

<p>UPDATE. i just looked at my Opus and at the bottom it says "View Decision".
I've been accepted into the Oxford Campus of Emory University AND I'm an Oxford Scholarship Finalist! i've been invited to Scholars Day so hopefully I get something!</p>

<p>oh and no one sent me an email or anything. i just checked it randomnly.</p>

<p>Huh? I just checked it and nothing came up... Does it mean I didn't make it?</p>

<p>Alright sign into your Opus, Scroll down to the bottom of the page (IT IS NOT UNDER COMMUNICATIONS.) </p>

<p>look under ADMISSIONS and "view decisions" should be an option.
If not, i'm sure it doesn't mean you didn't make it. I'm a minority so maybe they just rushed to give me the info? DON'T FRET.</p>

<p>Thats what I did. Gah I'm so worried...</p>

<p>D applied, but there is nothing new under her "View decisions" tab. Same as before. If you don't get it, wouldn't they tell you that, too?</p>

<p>I applied, nothing there. Now it's a waiting game.</p>

<p>Lol. Is there anyone else who get notified?</p>

<p>Just got my decision: Rejected. I'm quite surprised as I have straight A's, 5 APs with all 5s, and a 33 ACT. Must have been pretty competitive.</p>

<p>Got accepted/Semi-Finalist. This is the first I have heard of oxford scholars and the website isn't too clear on what it entails. If selected is this a full or partial scholarship? Also, what other perks/benefits are there to the program? How many people are chosen as semi-finalists?? How many finalists (winners) ?
33 ACT, 2190 SAT, 4.0 UW 97.5 Avg., 17/760, 11 AP Classes (5 5's), all other classes are Gifted level. TONS of EC's and Leadership.</p>

<p>Denied. I'm surprised too... ndude, have you been accepted elsewhere?</p>

<p>@JonDrums are you sure you're message says semi-finalists? mine says finalists. i think everyone leaves with something.</p>