So I found this on the school’s website:

"Aside from the core courses, students have a panoply of choices: traditional majors or interdisciplinary ones, internships in many different fields that may open career doors, a variety of foreign-study experiences—including, of course, a term at Oxford.”

Is this different from the Rhodes Scholars? Or do they have some sort of connection with the school? Does every student at Rhodes get the opportunity to study abroad, specifically at Oxford? If so, that sounds like a good deal. Or is it competitive, where only a select group of students are chosen?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear up my confusion!

Yes, it is different. The Rhodes Scholarships http://www.rhodesscholar.org/ draw the very best applicants from top universities internationally. The program is not affiliated with Rhodes College.

@MidwestDad3, thank you! Any information on the selectivity of the program at Rhodes College, or if it is a program available to all?

Not sure about the selectivity of the study abroad semester. A quick call to their admissions office would get you the answer on that; it would have the added benefit of showing your “demonstrated interest” in the college!

It is selective. About 16 kids from Rhodes and 16 from Sewanee. It runs from July to Oct . There is a stint at Sewanne to start then off to Oxford then travel thoughout Europe. You get class credit and come back ito write a paper. You then resume classes second term after the Holidays. It’s a great opportunity and everyone who attends says it was life changing!

Just to be clear, the program at Oxford is not in any way affiliated with Oxford University. Rhodes rents space during the summer, so you do get to live in Oxford and get to know the place. But if you don’t get a place with Rhode’s program, there are lots of other programs that also rent space from the University over the summer.

Hi, current Rhodes student here. I’m doing this study abroad program this fall! The program is called European Studies, is highly selective, and is divided into two sections, one on Ancient Europe and on one Western Medieval Europe. It is probably the most popular program on campus but there are only 16 spots. Collegemom is right about it not being affiliated with Oxford, but some of the professors teaching are Oxford professors. The classes you take are taught by a mix of Rhodes and non-Rhodes professors, including some from Sewanee, Oxford, Cambridge, and York. The program is run by a director of the V&A Museum, a Cambridge grad, etc. It’s very difficult, but no, it has nothing to do with Rhodes Scholarship.