Oxy program with Caltech......

<p>Anyone here has anything on Oxy? </p>

<p>Friends son went for a visit last year and really liked it, he chose Rice however.</p>

<p>For son it might be a consideration, even though he wants to do Comp Sc, he can do Math at Oxy then do 2 years at Caltech. Grades are B/B+. good stats. Good at Math.</p>

<p>Any views?</p>


<p>You might want to post on the Caltech forum and see if any of the Caltech students transferred to Caltech through the Oxy program. </p>

<p>I'd be curious to know how the program works as students transferring into Caltech have to pass very rigorous exams. Its my understanding that many find they need to do a fifth year in order to meet the Caltech graduation requirements. (didn't the program used to be 2/3? 2 years at Oxy followed by 3 years at Caltech?). </p>

<p>Is your son considering applying to Caltech now or hoping to get in through the Oxy program?</p>

<p>Thanks I will check Caltech forum. He would have loved to have gone to Caltech but does not have the GPA. He is good at CS Math and Physics.</p>

<p>Oxy does not have CS and son would not want to do just Math and Physics. So I thought of asking on this forum if students want to take Computer classes what do they do?</p>

<p>not trying to burst bubbles, but when I was looking into the Oxy-Caltech transfer program for DS, I read on the CT website that transfer students must meet the same higher standards as those applying for freshman admission. so much for that.............</p>