Hey guys! I’ve been accepted into both Oxy and LMU and want to do premed or psychology. I’ve been accepted into LMU and like how its not too big or a school but not to small. I also like the team spirit that comes with LMU and Marina del Rey is beautiful! OXY has a lot of plus also! Oxy has a beautiful campus and a small community which I love and thrive! They also have a combined major or psychobiology and a cognitive science major which I like. They are also a very prestigious school which I value. I love both and know I will be happy at either. I kinda of just need someone to help me make this decision! :slight_smile:

Unless LMU is significantly cheaper than Occidental or if LMU gives you significant merit aid, then you should go to Occidental… small differences in ranking are insignificant… but I think Occidental is significantly better than LMU.

How much will Occidental and LMU cost (after merit aid/ scholarships… but before loans?, how much loans will you have to take out for each?)

Think Barnard.

You are right… Im gonna drop everything do a gap year and reapply all over!

Right they are pretty equal in cost. LMU didn’t give me that much and still waiting to hear from OXY.