Oxy vs. Oberlin

<p>I wonder if any of you strongly considered Oberlin. My S has been accepted at both Oxy and Oberlin. He likes the weather and proximity of Oxy to Phoenix, but thinks the quality of education at Oberlin might be a little higher. He visited both schools and found them both attractive. One issue for him is the lack of a computer science major at Oxy. That's one of his primary interests. I would be interested to hear from any of you that considered both schools and what has led you to your choice. Obviously, the final choice day is upon us.</p>

<p>My son was waitlisted at Oberlin, accepted at Oxy but today we just learned he has gotten off the waitlist at Oberlin, so we have a decision to make (we already put a deposit down at Oxy). Where did your son end up going?</p>

<p>The two seem very different to me! My daughter definitely did not want to be isolated in a small town, so she did not even look at Oberlin, although I know it's a very good school. I grew up in Ohio, in a suburb east of Cleveland, and it's pretty around there, but nothing like California. Oberlin seems a little quirkier to me. The winters will be COLD. There will not be much to do in town in Oberlin. But some kids don't mind, since they are happy just hanging out with other students.<br>
It really comes down to what type of campus/students/surroundings your student wants. My D wanted all the energy and opportunities of a big city, but that's not for everyone. And she loves the sun and flowers and palm trees! I don't know about Oxy's computer classes, other than that they are part of the mathematics department, so if that is important, that might be a deciding factor.</p>

<p>Hey Befuddled--so I guess you saw our news that we have a decision to make by Monday! Lots of conversation going on in our household tonight. Oberlin did not offer the same great financial aid we got from Oxy, but we are trying not to make that too great a factor. Stay tuned!</p>

<p>I'm waiting with bated breath!!!</p>

<p>Hi Befuddled--My son has decided to go to Oberlin.
I am kind of sad, as we had gotten used to the idea of Oxy and I had already begun to plan all kinds of hikes and escapes out West:)
But in the end, the Conservatory and incredible music scene at Oberlin was a huge draw.<br>
I hope your daughter has an awesome time at Oxy--and I hope you'll post again, about how everything is going! Take care!</p>

<p>My daughter is a Freshman at Oberlin and LOVES it. As for it being in a small town, there seems to be alot to do all the time--theater, music, visits from actors, politicians. The students seem to rarely go into Cleveland (at least her friends don't) because there's plenty to do on campus. The only drawback seems to be the weather. Good luck to your son domi555. I hope he has the same life-changing experience my daughter has had!</p>