Oxy Vs Pitzer Vs UC San Diego

<p>There are a bunch of Oxy vs Pitzer for different majors and points, but I am currently interested in three schools, one of which is a complete outlier compared to the others. </p>

<p>I don't know what I want to major, but am interested in Econ/finance, chem, and math. All of these schools have several variations of each. I was wondering what school is better for what, keeping in mind that you will graduate in 4 years and job placement afterwards.</p>

<p>Is there pages I should look at for job placement stats for each school? How important is prestige to getting into a top MBA program? would oxy be a better choice for pursuing econ?</p>

<p>Also while attending Pitzer it is possible to major in Econ/accounting at CMC b/c pitzer doesn't offer it. How does this work?! there is close to zero information available.</p>

<p>Is it possible to pursue a science management degree and go into finance?</p>


<p>I cannot answer all your questions, but I do know that econ is a popular major at Pitzer-- no clue how much of that is taken at CMC. It's a good question, because I think I heard that CMC may limit CC'ers for econ as Mudd may for engineering...</p>

<p>You can design a Special Economics Major in Accounting, but it would not be through CMC. You would certainly take some of their classes, but you would still have a Pitzer Economics Adviser.</p>

<p>It's hard to major in Accounting at CMC without being a CMC student because there are so few Accounting classes in general and classes are capped at around 19-25 students, and priority is given to CMC students. BUT Pomona has intro to accounting, and if you wanted to go down that route, you could do that to try and get the prereq out of the way to take the upper levels. Students who can't do the Accounting major through CMC generally fall back on Econ, or Math, or Math Econ or something along those lines. </p>

<p>But don't let that deter you from Pitzer, we have plenty of other majors available, as well as at the 5C.</p>

<p>I too am planning on getting an MBA after college, and the advisors that I have talked to (various 5C advisors) have said that, when applying, it's not so much about your major or your school, but your work experience.</p>

<p>Most MBA candiates work at least two years after undergrad, before applying to Business school. </p>

<p>Another thing that my professors have said is that, when Business schools look at your app, they will see that you went to Pitzer, and you went to the Claremont Colleges, and will know that you went to a reputable institution and got a good education, and pretty much leave it at that. They kind of group the Claremont Colleges together, no matter which one you went to. </p>

<p>If you are coming in as a freshman, I think it is too early for you to look at business schools, because you will learn a lot more about yourself, what youre intersted in once you arrive. For all we know, when you get to college, you may hate accounting, and decide to pursue an art major. By all means, work towards it, but don't make your decision based on that.</p>