P/NP classes will it hurt me?

<p>My first semester in college I took two classes P/NP and received P for both of them. However, one of these classes was an Introductory to Econ class. Ever since, I've taken all my classes for letter grades and have received mostly A's. My question is how will those two P's (one being in Econ) hurt my admission chances to the top 20 or so? Or do adcoms care more about the lsac gpa outcome and not class content?</p>

<p>P's are neutral and will not be counted into your GPA. A NP would have been counted as a "F".</p>

<p>I was just about to ask this. My school holds freshman seminars (fun classes to introduce freshmen to college) and half of them are pass/no pass. Will they still show up on the transcript as pass/no pass?</p>

<p>They'll show up on the transcript. </p>

<p>Only way Pass/No pass hurts is if you had the option for a letter grade and several times chose pass/no pass. Or obviously, not passing would also hurt you.</p>