<p>i think i heard that if you take a class p/np, law schools automatically see all p's as a "C" when they calculate your gpa...does anyone know if med schools do this as well?</p>

<p>I believe this is false. It can't possibly be true, some courses are ONLY available P/NP. </p>

<p>Anyway, here is what it says on the berkeley career center website:</p>

<p>Should I take courses for a Pass/Not Pass (P/NP)? </p>

<p>Although you may take some courses P/NP, you should realize that the Law School Data Assembly Service converts a NP to an "F" and calculates it into your GPA as a zero. The "P" is given no value and is not factored into the GPA. Therefore, if you are considering applying to law school, be selective when using the P/NP grading option. Whenever possible, choose courses that engage your interests and take them for letter grades.</p>