PA School at ECU

<p>I hate to post this here, but I'm not having any luck at the Graduate school discussion area. </p>

<p>Does anyone know what the PA program at ECU is like? Can it compare to the one at Duke, Wake Forest, or Methodist?</p>

<p>Someone can delete this post. I found my information elsewhere.</p>

<p>Sorry we weren't able to help. I suspect none of us know anything :(.</p>

<p>Hey, no worries! I knew this wasn't the best area to ask, but I tried anyway haha. I found a great forum for PA's though, so it worked out! :)</p>

<p>hi i have the same question, i was wondering where you found the information on the PA program issue?</p>

<p>I'm not sure if we can post links to other forums, so I'll just say that if you Google "PA forum", the first result is a very good resource ;)</p>

<p>I would find it interesting to see a moderator discourage sharing productive links to other forums. That would be erroneous considering we post links all the time for every other useful resource. As long as it's a link to help someone find an answer that is not seekable here, and not some kind of ad spam. I mean geez, if no one here can answer but we know that the answer could be found on another forum, isn't it quite illogical to prohibit connecting the inquirer to the other website?</p>

<p>No, it isn't depending on the goals of those who own CC..... We can, however, without a doubt refer to them by name such as "student doctor network" or in this case "The PA Forum".</p>

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<p>I know they have a terms of agreement. Regardless, the initial reasoning for why links to forums should not be posted is because it is a "non-authoritative" source.</p>