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Other than the PSSHE state schools, what are some smaller safety and target schools for a student 3.3 gpa 1200 sat that I might not be thinking of? Thanks!

I would look at Muhlenberg, Juniata, and Ursinus.

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Washington & Jefferson, Elizabethtown, York College of PA, Susquehanna, Delaware Valley, and Lebanon Valley are all popular options from our school (Juniata too, but that had already been mentioned).

Beside those already listed, Allegheny, Lycoming, Chatham, Elmira (just over the border in Corning), Mount St Mary’s (just over the border in MD).

Are you asking about safety schools with a certain budget limit?

There are TONS of schools that would fit those very broad parameters. A few more to research would be Albright, DeSales U, U of Scranton, LaSalle, Widener, Holy Family, and Moravian.

I suggest you get your hands on one or two good college guide books (ex. Fiske, Princeton Review, etc.) which can be found in many libraries and HS guidance offices and start reading up on schools.

ALSO keep in mind that PA is a huge state so some colleges in neighboring states may be physically closer than some in PA.

Information such as price limit, area of academic interest, preferred size of school, etc. would be helpful.

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Maybe Drexel or St Joe’s depending on the major, budget, and interest in living in Phila.

The average GPA for Drexel is over 3.7 and St. Joes is over 3.6 so they are likely out of reach for the OP with a 3.2 GPA.

I guess it’s been a few years since I looked into it.

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Thanks everyone, we’re in NJ so PA is close and I know there’s tons of schools Ive never heard of. Majors could be interior design/pre-arch, environmental science, or business…a little all of the place right now :slight_smile:

@suzie_klein what is your annual college budget. Lots of good suggestions here, but if you can’t pay the net cost to attend these schools, they might need to be off the table. The schools folks are recommending are not in expensive and don’t meet full need.

Maybe run the net price calculators for some of these colleges. If you don’t own a business, arent self employed, don’t own real estate in addition to your primary resident, and aren’t divorced…you could get a guestimate of net costs at these schools. The NPCs are set up for students enrolling fall 2021 right now…that’s not your kid…so these numbers you get would be estimates, but it would give you an idea.

Hard to make good recommendations without a budget.

I would suggest you look at the Colleges that Change Lives list. Many of those are in the neck of the woods you are talking about, and probably are approachable in terms of acceptance. You just need to look at affordability.

Will your student be applying to any of the instate publics in NJ? Rowen and Stockton would be probables.

Yes to Rowan and Stockton in NJ. Does anyone have thoughts on Marywood University in PA with these stats. I saw in another thread they are generous with merit?