Pace BFA Acting vs. Adelphi BFA Acting

<p>Hey everyone, so I got accepted into Adelphi University's BFA Acting program, as well as Pace University's new BFA Acting Film/Television/Voice-Over program and I was just wondering which school do you think is best? I know people can't talk really about this new program at Pace because Fall 2013 will be it's first year but what can you say about Pace's Acting program in general, as well as Adelphi's BFA. My dream is to be a Film/TV actor but I know the stage is an important aspect to being an actor so I'm not sure. Also I don't want to base my decision on the well-knowness of a college, I want to base it on the quality of the training, because I know Pace has become a very popular acting school but I've heard very good things about Adelphi. They location of both are good as well seeing as how Pace is located in downtown Manhattan, while Adelphi is in Long Island. Anyways, just give me your opinions guys please. May 1st is the deadline for deposits so I should make my decision by then. Thanks! Sorry for the essay! Haha</p>

<p>Welcome, Ronald! Good luck with your decision. It sounds like you're doing some very good thinking about this.</p>

<p>My D is a sophomore in the Adelphi Acting BFA. I can't say anything about Pace, either the new major or not, but I can address a few of your questions as they pertain her her experience.</p>

<p>As for location, Adelphi is not in the city, for sure. But it is a very easy train ride into the city, and many students spend a lot of time there. My D has averaged seeing about 15 plays in NYC, per semester, for example, plus doing lots of other theatre-related avtivities. Adelphi is very connected with professionals in NYC - students go in and professionals come out to work with them as well. For my D it is nice living in a quieter, more traditional college campus setting. She does have a car, though, because Adelphi isn't within walking distance of anything, and it's been much easier for her to do what she wants and needs to do, including having a job off-campus.</p>

<p>In terms of training - I know nothing about film acting, and at this point it is not a specific goal of my D's. Yet she and many of her classmates are interested in it. It is not uncommon for them to double major in Adelphi's film/media dept, and she has had the opportunity to act in student films. Plus the BFA itself has one required course in Acting for Film (and other elective courses, too). This doesn't compare with a major in film acting, but I'd at least say film acting isn't non-existent there. Students get film/TV work, from opportunities that come through the school, and we certainly hear about graduates who have gone in this direction. </p>

<p>The Acting training we have found to be excellent. The BFA is broad-based - courses in Acting, Voice and Movement, also in Directing, Design, Literature, History, etc. They provide a toolbox approach (rather than one method). The productions are sophisticated and focused on learning. There is a semester at LAMDA during the Junior year. The theater facilities are new and productions are very well-supported financially by the University. </p>

<p>Adelphi has a pretty strong emphasis on academics - many students place out with APs, etc., but on the spectrum it's pretty high in academic requirements (including 2 years of foreign language). For many students this is a selling point, for others not so much. There is a lot of reading and writing required in the Acting classes - pretty much all of them. There are lots of opportunities for collaborative and creative work, although I'd say Adelphi is on the low side for student productions. I know some schools have dozens every semester, of every type. Generally at Adelphi the student productions are through Directing classes and Senior Capstones, and are overseen by faculty. </p>

<p>One bit of advice I often give in comparing programs - aside from location, cost, and personal fit - is to create a projected 4-year plan of classes at each school. Then you can imagine what your life would be like from day to day, and how much you might enjoy and benefit from it. Add in the typical production schedule and other aspects like internships and study abroad, and you might have an easier time choosing which school you feel better about.</p>

<p>Ronald, Would be interested in knowing which college you chose and why. Thank you.</p>