Pace Fall Intensive Audition - Early Decision

Does anyone have experience with auditioning at the Pace fall intensive for commercial dance and applying early decision? When do you get your results from the audition? Will you hear earlier in November or do you get both application and audition results on December 1?

Hi. We are thinking about doing this next year. Did you attend this last weekend?

Check out the Dance Major forum. A couple convo’s there about this:

Yes, my daughter was there last weekend. Thanks for the info.

I think you also should post this in the Dance/Performance Arts major section of CC. I saw a lot of discussions in that regards.

My student was at the same audition for early decision. Have you heard anything yet? I’ll keep you updated if we hear anything.

No, we have not heard as of yet. Anything on your end?

Not yet. Keeping fingers crossed! Will let you know as soon as we do. Heard that it’s supposed to be no later than Dec 1st.

Has your student heard anything yet? We still have not gotten any info - even just academically. I’m assuming it’s going to be a “no”. But I thought we would have heard by now.

I was just with a friend this weekend whose daughter applied (possibly early action? but definitely not early decision) She received academic acceptance just before she went in for her audition. Hasn’t heard about the dance program yet. After her audition, she was called back for an interview. Sounds like selection is a very involved process as they have to make sure all the the dancers they accept are compatible.

We haven’t heard anything yet. Called today and they said we will find out via email & mail soon. Let us know as soon as you hear something!

Nothing yet. Are they waiting to evaluate the November 30 and December 8 auditions? Where else is your student auditioning?

That’s what I was wondering. But she called the office today and they said a decision had been made.

She auditioned at Dancewave (DTCB) for UArts and Point Park. She was accepted into both of those. She is planning on auditioning in the new year at Marymount, SUNY Purchase, and NYU.

What about your daughter?

She was accepted into Point Park in July. Looks like Oklahoma City and possibly Marymount. Marymount is very modern and she’s a mainly jazz and tap.

I’ve heard that Rhonda Miller makes personal phone calls so I’m assuming that would have happened by now.

Don’t give up hope yet! I heard that many people that applied early decision outside of performing arts still haven’t heard anything. Portal still doesn’t say “Decision Made”. Office said they were having issues on their end.

Just wish we knew what their process was for notifying about artistic decision. Do they wait until academic decisions have been received before they notify about artistic decision?

In the parent meeting, they said that if you did early decision for dance, they notify you for academic and artistic together…at the same time. If you did regular decision/early action, you will get separate notifications for academic and artistic.

Yes, I heard that too, but I’ve also read that for years Rhonda has made personal phone calls to accepted students. Maybe Rhonda doesn’t call ED applicants and everything is through email/snail mail.

Just to ease anxiety, from our experience last year, not everyone received a phone call. There is still hope!

Anything on your end for your student?