Pace or Fordham

<p>Hello, I go to Pace University right now in NYC. Would I have a better shot at Ivy med schools if I switch to Fordham University? It's ranked higher than Pace.</p>

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<p>Go to the school you'll be happiest at. That is ultimately the school in which you will perform the best. Med schools care much more about YOUR performance (GPA, MCAT, EC's) than which school you went to.</p>

<p>Just wondering, is there a reason why you want to go to "Ivy" med schools?</p>

<p>It's just for my personal accomplishment. I know its weird, but it's just something I want.</p>

<p>both are excellent schools so i don't think switching will affect you enough and will do more damage than good</p>

<p>i have this same dilemma. At first I never heard of pace university and now i am starting to hear more and more about it. can someone provide me with information about pace university, its placement rate for med. and law school, how good are the professors, etc.</p>

<p>Its placement for law should be OK. Their own law school is very good. Pace is known for business. Their bio department is OK, but not as good as other schools. The professors are fine also. Most teach at NYU when not at Pace.</p>

<p>Ok, Ive been thinking long and hard about this.</p>

<p>Currently at Pace, I'm working in the research labs. I do work with different parasites. I also am in several clubs, groups, and do community service. If I transfer to Fordham and don't get any research it's going to look bad right?</p>

<p>Research is good. More research is better than less research. Continuing with research is better than stopping research.</p>

<p>With that said, I don't think that should be the make-or-break factor in any decision.</p>

<p>Final Question.. is staying where I'm at doing well, getting involved etc better or transfering to a better known school with a better program, still doing well and being involved? Is it best to transfer or just stay put?</p>

<p>That depends entirely on whether you like it at one of the places better than the other.</p>

<p>Ok, while I know transfering usually doesnt look bad.. what if I went to City College (A public university) from Pace (Private)? My friend told me going from private to public would be a mistake.</p>

<p>I certainly don't think private-public transfer automatically looks bad, it depends on so many factors, i.e. why you transferred, what your grades are at both schools, the perception of one vs. the other in terms of quality, etc. Such a generalization is completely useless.</p>

<p><em>posted From Another Thread, Hope It Helps</em>
Hey, I just happened to be scanning the board and came across your post. Your posts are from a while back, but should you happen to return hopefully this helps. </p>

<p>I am currently a senior at Pace (Pleasantville) and will be attending Columbia Dental in the fall. Here is what I can tell you about my experience at Pace. </p>

<p>I originally went to the University of Maryland- College Park. I stayed a year and realized it was not the school for me. It was easy enough to get good grades (I did not transfer because it was academically grueling), but the school was huge. </p>

<p>I transferred to Pace because it was near my hometown, had rolling admissions (so I could get out of UMD, hated it) and I thought it would be a safe bet until I could transfer out to a top 20 school. I ended up loving it. The classes were small, the professors were all excellent and I did research with a professor for 2 years publishing several papers in the process. </p>

<p>The thought of transferring to a top school crossed my mind many times. I had to ask myself if I wanted to be one of the top students at a less prestigious school, or a good student alongside many other good students at a very prestigious school. For me, my decision to stay ended up working out. </p>

<p>I would highly recommend the school. It has some kids that aren’t the brightest (UMD had the same problem), some students that are very bright and took a full ride, and many students who were very intelligent, but never applied themselves in high school. For them, this was their second and last chance. </p>

<p>In the end, if you were accepted to an Ivy League school or a handful of other schools, it would be tough to turn down (then of course you wouldn’t be reading this post). If it comes down to tier II-III schools, it’s really a personal decision. A degree from Rutgers isn’t going to do you much better than Pace, Hofstra etc. (being ranked 80 vs. 120 doesn’t matter- you need to fall somewhere after Harvard!) It’s what you make of it. Pace prides itself on small class sizes and solid relationships with your professors. It has this, and for me, this made all the difference. </p>

<p>Just incase you’re wondering: </p>

<p>If you’re applying to a top grad school from Pace, will they accept you?</p>

<p>If you’re competitive with the other applicants, you have a good shot. Of course they are going to take more people from the top schools because there are more people with better stats. Harvard didn’t make the students, the students made Harvard. Top students, with top grades get into top schools. They may only take a few each year from Pace, but it’s not as large and there aren’t as many students who get the grades and standardized test scores to get into a good school. It’s what you make of the school, not the other way around. </p>

<p>I hope this helped!</p>

<p>I have heard directly from the director of admission at NYU MED that transferring from Pace to Fordham in their eyes is not an improvement. Pace to an IVY etc. is. Pace to Fordham is not worth it. Stay where you are happiest.</p>

<p>which cuny?</p>

<p>Also,newyork, with what stats did you get in fordham? Do they require recommendation and essay, or only your gpa? Btw, I currently go to penn state and wsa thinking about applying to fordam in the future because I have arrived at the conclusion that living at home would improve my overall academic performance and wellfare. besides, their campus is beautiful and right in the city. Too bad the subway ride from queens would take an hour or so.</p>