Pace University Class of 2024

Hey! I got accepted to Pace this afternoon and wanted to see who else got in. I applied EA for the Lubin School of Business.

Congratulations! My son was also admitted EA to Dyson. He’s waiting on a few other decisions but we visited Pace in August and he really liked it there - so pretty good chance he’ll be there next year. We’re super happy for him - so fun to get your first acceptance.

Got accepted EA today to NYC campus with President’s Scholarship and other scholarships for Comp Sci. Super stoked!

I got into Pace last Friday into the Lubin School of Business for Marketing. Super excited!

Way to go @landonnytes ! Are you planning to attend?

D accepted as well, but not her first pick… she can’t double major with dance.

Got into Dyson today for Film with an amazing scholarship so Pace has jumped up the list. Anyone have any insight on dorms and meal plans? I also received a housing incentive but want to keep costs down so thinking about Maria.

does anyone know if pace’s nursing program has a lower acceptance rate/ is more competitive than the other programs? thanks! :slight_smile: