Pace you like it?

I know several students who have attended Pace University, but haven’t met any that truly like it. If you do, what do you like about it? If you don’t, why?

Academically, you have to work pretty hard to earn high scores in Pace. I guess if you are getting good scores, you might like it, if not, you might not like it. As far as personal life preferences, it depends on individual, hard to say.

My Freshman S loves it! He’s an acting major and very involved in school activities; dorm life, SGA, tour guide. He says it feels like one big family (extended, of course). Very diverse population (race, economic, ethnic, geographic, etc…)
The only thing he doesn’t like is the access to food. The cafe is small and sometimes long lines but he makes it work. The food is good just not always convenient.
The FiDi area is safe and less congested than other parts of Manhattan. All sub lines come Fulton Station, two blocks from school.
Pace provides many opportunities to see shows, special guest speakers, resume workshops, career center, one-on-one consultation whenever you need it.

Loves his class professors, but has a lot of homework. He found HS easy and has had to adjust in doing so much homework.
He is not a partying but there is parties (off-campus).

If you have specific questions, I’m sure he can assist.

My daughter was just accepted for the fall. We visited the campus in the spring and I thought the area was beautiful and seemed very safe. Would love to hear from other students about there experience there. I think one hesitation my daughter has is the overwhelming feeling NYC can have. Campus life?? Quality of education??

My daughter applied and was accepted to their theater design program. She went to a performing arts high school in Chicago so used to large and busy area’s but New York is well… New York. Hard to duplicate. The dream was to go to school in New York and of course, work at the theaters for training etc.

It all sounded good until she visited. She’s been to New York a few times on family trips to see some Broadway shows and of course Shop!

But the reality of actually living there was something that was a surprise to us, was not something she really wanted. Even her teachers said they didn’t feel it would be a good match for her. She found out she really doesn’t like “Big”. She ended up at a small LAC and became the lead designer before Junior year then switched majors completely and schools. Lol.

She liked the theater department though.
But like 5 years ago when she applied it was pretty new and unproven also.

@kmart444 My older brother is very reserved and he attended NYU, graduated in 2018. He loved living in NYC and found it to be very safe. He lived on the LES his last year there and never had a single problem or felt unsafe. The subway is easy to figure out and walking is easily navigable. NYU also has an urban campus and there is plenty to do, both through school and on your own. Not sure how Pace campus would compare, but thought you would be interested in his recent experience. I just got accepted to Pace NYC yesterday and based on his experience, I’m strongly considering accepting.

Just got accepted for Film. Any advice on dorms or meal plans?