Pace University Majors

So I was originally planning on applying for performing arts at Pace. Sadly I apparently put BFA Arts instead of performing arts and they refuse to switch it. This puts me into a kind of knot because I’m not strong at anything other than musical theatre, and I definitely do not have any kind of art portfolio for a art BFA. I’m anxious that I’m not going to get into the college at all and my application fee will be a complete waste, but I’m finding it hard on what I want to switch my major to, if I even can. Funnily enough in the email they sent to me about my choice on BFA Arts, they stated that if my choice was by mistake I can switch to Performing Arts or Communication Arts. That probably had got my hopes way too high, because the admissions office was extremely strict and I understandably couldn’t switch my major. To ask all of you, should I switch my major to undeclared or something that I’m mediocrely good at just for the sake of trying to get it, and then attempt to switch into the performing arts? Or should I just accept this and move on to other college apps.

It depends, is Pace one of your dream schools? If so switch and try to get in, but have the possibility of not being able to get in to the program you desire.

Accept it and move on @StressedSinger - chances of transfering into MT at Pace are very slim, it’s a super competitive program. Concentrate on the applications at schools where you can study what you want to study.