Pace University - Performing Arts: Acting, FTVC, BA & Commercial Dance

Hi guys,

I’m currently a Film and Screen Studies —student at Pace University and I applied a few days ago for the major Acting for Film & TV and I wanted to open a tread for anyone who applied for Pace - Performing arts and is currently patiently waiting for their decision or waiting for their audition date to approach. :blush: Good luck to everyone and myself lol!

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Have you met any current students within the major who are able to tell you if it’s a competitive process?

I also applied for the BFA in Acting for Film & Television major in addition to the BFA in Acting. Also wishing you guys good luck in getting a callback and if you have already, then good luck on your audition. If anyone has any insider information about the program or Pace overall please tell! Also, if anyone has any tips for what Pace looks for in an audition besides a great performance.

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I unfortunately haven’t met any performing arts students yet, only from my own major. I will ask my academic advisor if he could give me some insight on that

Omg! Hopefully we’ll both get a call back :pray:t5:

Hi - My daughter is a current freshman in the FTVC program and absolutely loves it.
I’ll try to give you guys some information, but I only know what she chooses to tell me, so I am by no means an expert.

The current freshman class in FTVC is 28 and they have all been together in classes in NYC (as in, no one chose to stay home and do online classes in the FTVC program). My girl is having an absolute blast. She raves about all her FTVC instructors/professors and even her academic advisor. Some of the classes have been held virtually on occasion, but most have been in person.
The FTVC group has gone out around NYC to sightsee (in smaller groups, not all 28 at once that I know of) and they do meet up in the evenings too. NYC is definitely not “normal” right now, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed down the group. They also socialize with the other Pace Performing Arts groups. There does not seem to be any rivalry between the majors (we had seen some of that at other schools she auditioned at).

If you get accepted Pace will set up accepted student Zoom calls to talk to the current students and faculty. They did an great job connecting and communicating last year.

Break a leg to everyone who is auditioning! Pace FTVC is an excellent program.


Thank you so much for this info! Yes, Pace has done an excellent job at keeping in contact with the students and making sure we’re not feeling alone. I’ve never had such an amazing experience with a school like that.

Hopefully i’ll get a call back for an audition :weary:… I just send out my application last week. I’m so nervous. Would you mind asking your D if it was difficult to get into the Performing Arts?

Is there a lot of overlap between the two majors?

Pace Performing Arts has been highly ranked on a number of national MT/Acting schools lists, so a lot of students apply. In some 2018 articles Pace MT was ranked top ten in the country. I cannot honestly remember the exact number they gave us, but I think they said for the 19/20 application year they had around 3000 applications for the 4 programs (BFA Musical Theatre, BFA Acting, BFA FTVC and BA Acting). This was the submitted prescreen number I believe, not the number accepted for audition. Each of those four programs takes roughly 28 students, so clearly odds of acceptance are low. There is definitely overlap in those numbers too, as often students will apply for all four programs. I believe BFA MT gets the most applications with BFA Acting second in numbers. At my daughter’s audition about half the kids in her group had applied to all three acting majors, which they were auditioning at the same time. Obviously each student can only take one spot, so that helps with the odds.
To be entirely fair/open, Pace Performing Arts (MT specifically) has recently had racial diversity/discrimination issues brought into focus. This could definitely effect applications this year. I’m guessing since you already attend Pace you are aware of that, but if not you can google “See Our Truths”. Last semester the school did attempt to fix the problems, but no one other than the students involved could say how successful they have been.

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If you go to the Pace School of Performing Arts website you can view the curriculum for each major. My daughter has said the FTVC classes do not overlap with the other majors. She rooms with a BFA Acting student and a BA Acting student and none of their classes are with the same teachers even.
The BFA Acting does take a Acting for Film class (3 if I remember correctly), but that is specific to the BFA Acting students, not the same ones taken by the FTVC students.
The BFA Actors take “Movement” while the FTVC students take “Physical Prep”, similar concepts but preparing them differently.

I’ve just been notified that I got in academically with a huge scholarship. Still waiting on whether or not I’ve gotten a callback, but I’m curious to know if someone doesn’t pass their prescreen and is admitted as undecided, can they audition the next year or even after one semester? (I think I’ve heard of someone who didn’t pass their prescreen getting into MT after one semester, but it could’ve been a different school.) Also, what would be the chances of getting in as a sophomore, cause I’m guessing it’s way harder? Lastly, if you did get in as a sophomore would it take longer to complete your degree, since you started the program later? Since it’s such a competitive program I won’t be too surprised if I don’t get a callback, but I’m pretty eager to begin acting training as soon as possible. I really appreciate you giving us all this insightful information btw!

Yes, if you don’t get in you could apply next year! a lot of students who didn’t get in do that. I’m currently still waiting for a call back too. It’s been 5 business days already and I still haven’t heard anything… I’m currently a sophomore, I transferred to Pace last year so I will, If I get accepted, start as a junior. Idk if that means that it’ll take longer for me to graduate because I already have a lot of credits! we’ll see.

I’m shocked! I watched the documentary yesterday and I’m disgusted because I didn’t even know that all of this was happening! it’s so sad. I hope they changed their ways…

Yes, it was/is definitely awful.
Unfortunately, Pace is not the only well known program with problems. We know of at least 5 other big MT/Acting programs that have had similar problems. Some have kept them very quiet and some have had a lot of social media attention.
My daughter felt that, once it was brought to light, Pace attempted to educated, not just sweep it under the carpet, which she gave them credit for. Students and faculty both had required classes (diversity training I think, but don’t actually know what Pace called it). However, she still comments that all her friends, both at Pace and at other schools, acknowledge there is always room for more education.

Has anyone had their Pace audition? Was there an interview portion one on one with faculty or just monologue and scene work? Thanks all!

I haven’t had any call backs yet. I had send them an email because 5 business days had already passed and I hadn’t heard from them yet. They said:

The faculty are in the final stages of the reviews. We have a lot of last-minute submissions that are taking us longer than usual.