Pace vs baruch 2023 fall term

Hello, I am writing this because I am debating whether i should go to pace or baruch college. Can someone please help me pick I am on an honors scholarship 31 and to add on FAFSA and TAP, I hear alot of good things about baruch pace if someone to be kind enough and help me it would be nice, thank you.

Isn’t Pace a LOT more costly? Can you afford the cost to attend?

Baruch is an excellent option for you to have.

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Thank you for responding. For Pace actually after my FAFSA and TAP its about 3-5k becuase they sent me my financial award offer the other day, that is why I am debating besides cost what is better, baruch or pace thank you

And can you afford that money?

@sybbie719 perhaps you can comment on the pluses and minuses of these two colleges…for someone wishing to major in business.

3-5k yearly for pace its not that bad but i just asked whats better for business baruch or pace i have heard great things about both instution.

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Baruch hands down. Don’t sleep on it because it is public school, it punches way above its weight.
If you are not going to Stern (NYU) or Fordham (imho-baruch will take you further), then you go to Baruch, it well known for undergrad business.


Hello, I got accepted into both Queens College and Baruch College recently, but I think Baruch beats Queens in many aspects, which is one reason why Queens is a short drive from me. I want to know if Baruch is worth the hour train ride, or if Queens College can offer me the same as Baruch in the finance major. Overall, will I make a mistake going to Queens?

If you are looking to major in finance/business, definitely go to Baruch.

Most of the CUNY schools have their strengths:

Baruch Business
Hunter Social Science, Education Nursing
City College-Engineering/ Stem
Brooklyn Theatre , Liberal Arts, Education
Criminal Justice John Jay
Queens - Liberal Arts Education
Queens college functions more like a liberal arts college.

I believe that the finance major at Baruch will have more depth and breadth than it will at Queens college. You will have to apply to the business program at Queens college, you will not walk in freshman year as a business major.

Should you change your mind about finance, is there another major you will be willing to do at Queens?

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I would advise you to look at the course offerings at both schools to see which schools offer course work that more align with what it is you are looking for.

As far as internships, I think that you may fare better at Baruch, because they will one stop shop for various business majors vs coming to Queens lookin for a select few. Perhaps @blossom an offer more insight on the reccruiting aspects

OP- Pace should be off the table IMHO. Baruch and Queens have solid reputations among employers in the NY metro area.

Take Sybbie’s advice and go through the course catalogue. And as I’ve asked you on previous threads- what are you interested in? Is it finance because you aren’t familiar with any of the other business disciplines? (marketing, supply chain, production/manufacturing, human resources, sales management) or is it finance because you have a genuine interest in it???