Pack your rain boots

<p>During her lunch break today DD has sent pics of the torrential rains in Tuscaloosa…I think she stole them from James Spanns Facebook page…real gulley washers!! Flooding on Lurleen B Wallace and Paul Bryant. To those of you who are traveling and arriving as well as our locals…be safe.</p>

<p>Girls may pack their rain boots, but what do the guys do? My son is planning on flip flops. I plan to add an umbrella and waterproof case for his phone to his backpack, plus I’ve seen some waterproof backpack covers. Will this suffice-I’ve heard the rains can be pretty intense.</p>

<p>Guys can wear rubber boots too. I have some rubber galoshes that originally came from a construction supply store that work great with any shoe, though they do make my feet resemble those of Mickey Mouse. :slight_smile: I’m thinking of buying the florescent orange pants to complete the construction worker look. I’ve also considered bringing a yellow rain suit, but that would make look like the Gorton’s Fisherman sans beard.</p>



<p>I’ll be a sophomore this year and I don’t own rain boots. I have a good rain jacket and I wear rubber flip flops when it rains.</p>

<p>SEA_tide - do the male students typically use umbrellas or wear rain jackets?</p>

<p>My son would rather go barefoot-he would never wear rain boots.</p>

<p>^My son too! I tried to get him to order a pair of neoprene shoes but he said no. Maybe he’ll change his mind when he’s down there but I wouldn’t bet on it.</p>

<p>Walking barefoot can be fun. Yes, many guys have both umbrellas and rain jackets.</p>

<p>BamaBound7 - Do you mind sharing where you have found waterproof backpack covers? I found one that costs as much as my son’s backpack, but no others. Thanks!</p>

<p>I found them at REI, when I went looking for a waterproof backpack. The salesperson suggested buying a REI Duck’s back rain cover, for around $25. I’m planning to buy one and put it in his backpack. </p>

<p>[backpack</a> cover at REI - Free shipping on orders of $50 or more](<a href=“]backpack”></p>

<p>Should have posted my question better - what do the guys typically use more of - umbrellas or rain jackets?</p>

<p>Thanks to this thread my daughter now has the Mountain Hardware Enterprise backpack and the Mountain Smith rain cover (which has a sewed on mesh pouch that it folds into and stows away in backpack) – We purchased the backpack from Mountain Hardware that was recommended on first page of this thread - and I think we got the Mountain Smith cover from Amazon for like 20 bucks.</p>


<p>I see a lot more rain jackets than umbrellas for guys, but that’s not to say that there aren’t guys who carry umbrellas when it rains. But perhaps we just like to wear a jacket rather than deal with carrying around an umbrella all the time.</p>

<p>I’m planning on buying an inexpensive rain jacket-think Walmart or even dollar store for the cheap plastic rain protectors. How often will they use the rain jacket? I’m envisioning this rain jacket being tossed in the backpack.</p>

<p>I know there are nicer ones at LL Bean or North Face, but I doubt they’re worth the expense.</p>

<p>What are the guys wearing around campus, cheap raincoats or nice ones?</p>

<p>I bought my son this in crimson</p>

<p>[Sierra</a> Designs Hurricane Rain Jacket - Men’s - 2011 Closeout at](<a href=“]Sierra”></p>

<p>as well as a gore-tex jacket with a lining I found at a good discount. The REI jacket is 20% off right now. I am thinking more of football games than travelling to class.</p>

<p>bamabound: maybe it’s different for guys but my D gets a LOT of wear out of her rain jacket. Hers is a Marmot that we got from REI; UA gets a lot of pop up rain showers & when they come they are soakers! Crossing campus in that without a jacket or umbrella = a sopping wet student.</p>

<p>FYI, for those of you OOS I’d suggest following James Spann on Facebook. As ahipimommy mentioned up thread, he posts a lot of pictures & frequent updates on the weather in Alabama. Gives peace of mind to know that I’m aware even though I’m not close by. I made D1 follow him as well as a freshman & she takes what he says quite seriously.</p>

<p>My son is like most of the others here. He refused boots, raincoat etc. He did take a small umbrella for his backpack. By parents weekend last year (which was mid September) he was asking us to bring his hip length gortex jacket. The umbrella had bit the dust in a very windy storm. By Christmas he was asking for a cover for his backpack (which is a water resistant -LL Bean). I found a cover on Ebay for around $10. Sometimes he wears the backpack under the jacket. It might be hot, but at least his things stay dry.</p>

<p>He never would use boots but opted for various flipflops and sneakers. I think he rotated 3 pair of sneakers. They will learn eventually:)</p>

<p>I just looked on Ebay and the person I bought from doesn’t have those covers anyone. But there were a lot of others. Prices were all over the place.</p>

<p>OK hokiefan, I just ordered my son the Keen shoes that have been sitting in my Amazon cart for weeks now. You all have me convinced. </p>

<p>Also ordered a pack cover the other day, as did at least 4 other parents that I know. There is a going to be a plethora of REI gray rain pack covers on campus!</p>

I love the Crimson jacket from REI, I just ordered one, the price, with the extra 20% off was reasonable.</p>