package delima

<p>My son sent off a package addressed to Paty today and use used the USPS></p>

<p>Only when he got home and was looking on the UA website did he see that the "USPS won't deliver to PATY".....</p>

<p>Any idea on what will happen to it?</p>

<p>^^^We're going to Paty tomorrow morning to pick up our stuff. I'll ask them directly about your situation and post their response here.</p>

<p>Thanks....we'll be in the air tomorrow. We're in a rural area (as you know) so I'm going to have him go to the P.O> and leave a note for the postmisstress to please hold the package until I can deal with it on Monday.</p>

<p>I appreciate you asking, though! Surely we aren't the only ones to have made this mistake. We just used the address and didn't read the rules.</p>

<p>When I called Paty to find out about shipping stuff, the young man working there told me many things that are sent to the PO Boxes wind up at Paty. If your stuff already went out, it's possible it will end up at Paty. He told me that even mail (letters) ends up there. Kind of made me wonder why we needed to get a PO Box. Anyway, they send an email to you if they get a package for you, so if it's sent out, check your crimson email for notification that it arrived. Good luck!</p>

<p>thank you very much.</p>

<p>It will probably be returned as undeliverable.</p>

<p>tHANKS. For whatever reason, we didn't THINK to read the PATY page.....just had the address and had everything sent there. Not that we sent much ....</p>

<p>Tomorrow: Alabama :)</p>

<p>The package will probably arrive at Paty, though it might take longer than expected. The people that work at the University post office are very nice and realize that this happens quite often. I'd call them at (205) 758-1852 and ask if they are planning on sending packages over to Paty or not. For future reference, it is best to send USPS packages to his PO box or use another company and ship it to Paty.</p>

<p>Just picked our stuff from Paty. Two parcels from Amazon were shipped via US Postal Service and, lo and behold, there they were waiting for us at Paty!</p>

<p>This is good news! No chance to talk to you about this the other night. Did pig-out on the chocolates, though....ummm, I mean over-indulge......</p>

<p>The Student: I am amazed at the things that are found at Paty. Like the small package my son brought out to the car the other day. I knew it was not a textbook. So when we got to his dorm, we opened it. It seems that Paty kept the box, which was a small towel used on camping trips, for four months. I remember my son going on there, and he insisted to the staff that it had one more box for him. But no one found a box. Well, he can use it this school year when he heads off with Alabama Action: Costa Rica.</p>

<p>Well, like everything else we've encountered at UA, it is good :)</p>

<p>I hope your wonderful son has another terrific year! UA is lucky to have him.</p>