Packing and Moving long distance

<p>How do I get my bike to MIT from CO?</p>

<p>I just ordered everything I needed on campus comfort. Thanks Moot!</p>

<p>When I went to MIT (from Illinois) my mom went with me and we both checked two huge suitcases full of my stuff. It was mostly clothes, toiletries, and bedding. I carried my laptop in my backpack as a carry-on. Everything else I bought here, though she did ship a few boxes of random stuff, my laptop dockign station, and my printer. </p>

<p>My advice: don't bring much, buy little things when you get here. I make this mistake, heh, everytime I go home. "Oh, summer break is 1 week long, so I'll need one outfit per day, plus some extra outifts in case this event happens, bla bla bla..." And what do I do all week? Sit around in my pajamas. Yet I lugged 50 pounds of clothes back and forth in Logan and O'Hare. </p>

<p>When I go home for the week in the summer.... I SWEAR I will not ake this mistake again.</p>

<p>Amyloplast: You can always FedEx bikes. FedEx ships by weight rather than by size, so you can probably get it there for $15 to $45.</p>

<p>Anyone know what options International (or abroad) students have in terms of shipping? </p>

<p>I'm going to try to pack light, but since I have so many things, I'll be over the flight allowances.</p>