Packing and Moving long distance

<p>I'll be moving to MIT from California. What should I pack? How much should I bring to the airport? Should I have other stuff shipped out UPS?</p>

<p>I'd also like to know. (I'm from Florida, the sunshine state). </p>

<p>I think I'm going to have an eBay extravaganza this summer and sell most of the junk I don't want to bring with me (which is basically everything minus computer, a few books, and some clothes.)</p>

<p>I'm coming up from Texas, and I'm bringing a suitcase of clothes, large sheets, and toiletries (towels, etc.).</p>

<p>I'm buying everything else up there. Fitted sheets once I figure out how big the bed is, dorm fridge, ordering a computer, etc. Part of me really wants to bring my computer network up there, but moving all that machinery doesn't seem like much fun.</p>

<p>Are you guys leaving a lot of stuff at home? For me this is like a permanent move-out, since I've got a destructive younger sibling waiting to take over my room, so I'm having to either take or get rid of just about everything.</p>

<p>I sent my son to MIT last August from CA (San Jose/SF area). Here's how we did it.</p>

<p>First off, remember that almost everyone takes more stuff than they need, and that stores local to MIT are your friend. Also remember that during Orientation you will be in a temp room, so don't plan to unpack your stuff when you arrive. (Which is why I didn't bother to go out with my son: I wouldn't be able to help unpack and stuff, and I'd visited campus twice before, so no real reason except to postpone the inevitable farewell. We did that at the airport instead.)</p>

<p>My son packed and checked on the plane two wheeled duffels with most of the clothes he'd need, his toiletries, a few books, alarm clock, extra shoes, some CDs, some towels, a good pillow, and a few other things. He brought his laptop, small electronics/rechargers, medications, and his good camera eqiupment in his carry-ons. Before he left, we packed up his desktop computer and monitor, stereo equipment, tripod, Brita water pitcher, bedspread, notebooks and books into a few other well-padded boxes: after dropping him off at the airport, I drove those boxes over to Airborne and shipped them to Cambridge, timed to arrive just as Orientation was over (they don't like to store boxes of stuff for people before they've got permanent dorm assignments). In addition, I ordered a few room things (towels, sheets, comforter, fan, robe, lamps, etc.) for him from Campus</a> Comfort, which delivers them directly to Sala de Puerto Rico on MIT's campus at the start of Orientation. I also purchased a mattress topper thingie so the bed would be more cushy, and had it delivered to campus in the fall as a surprise.</p>

<p>I then visited in Oct. for Family Weekend. At that time, I took him out to buy some dishes and cookware (he's in EC and has to cook for himself) from Bed Bath & Beyond, and also bought him a winter coat from REI. (There is an REI and a BB&B <em>right at</em> the Fenway T-stop, so we T'd over there, bought the stuff, and T'd right back. In the rain, but so what.)</p>

<p>He came back here at Christmas and spring break. Both times, he brought back a duffel full of stuff he'd taken that he didn't need and that took up space. So pack light if you can talk yourself into it: there <em>are</em> stores right there, and there's always Airborne or UPS or FedEx if something needs to get to you quickly.</p>

<p>PM me if I can answer any questions about how we did it. I'm sure there are plenty of other ways, but this worked for us.</p>

<p>There's also a Target within T distance.</p>

<p>Maybe I'll organize a CC Target trip during orientation, if you guys are interested. :)</p>

<p>yes, that's right, molliebatmit!!! I really want to meet you face to face!</p>

<p>how much does each laundry (washing machine) cost?</p>

<p>at Simmons, it cost 75 cents for both laundry and dryer...and u can use your tech card!!</p>

<p>i heard some shower rooms/restrooms are shared by both female and male, is that true? also do co-ed dorms have male and female seperated by floor, or a single floor can have male rooms and female rooms on the same hall way?</p>

<p>i am a very conservative person and will feel somewhat awkward to live in dorms with that kind of setting.</p>

<p>MIT2010, I think it varies by dorm. For example, Random Hall is a coed dorm but has some all male floors, some all female floors, and some truly coed floors. Single occupancy bathrooms were shared by all the people in nearby rooms, male or female, but it wasn't like you were going to see naked people of the opposite gender. In Burton-Conner, where I stayed for CPW, there were men and women in different rooms of the same suite with one bathroom per suite.</p>

<p>It may be a little different than what you're used to, but I think once you live in that situation for a while you'll see it isn't a problem.</p>

<p>Yes, some dorms have co-ed bathrooms, co-ed floors, or co-ed suites. Some don't. There are often options within the dorm, though -- for instance, in MacGregor, some entries have single-sex suites. </p>

<p>I'm not sure what the co-ed vs. single-sex options are for all the dorms (other than McCormick, which is all-female); you guys will have to check that out during rush.</p>

<p>EDIT: Sorry to cross-post, Hamster! Yeah, I'll add that I've lived in a coed suite with a coed bathroom all four years, and I've never found it weird. I mean, seeing somebody of a different gender brush his or her teeth is about a scintillating as it gets.</p>

<p>There are absolutely restrooms/shower rooms that are shared on at least some co-ed dorms (in EC, for instance, each room on a hall is either female or male, but the rooms are interspersed and everyone shares the bathrooms and kitchen and lounges). People are very respectful and seem to get used to it quickly; it doesn't pose a problem for the people who live there. Check each dorm out online, through the I3 when you get it this summer, and when you visit during dorm rush and find one where you're comfortable.</p>

<p>Ohhh dude Mollie, Target trip would be much appreciated. I could really use your Ohioan experience in prepping for my first winter.. heh.</p>

<p>If you remember my coat from CPW.. yeah that really is THE warmest thing I own.</p>

<p>Also, thanks for the great link mootmom - I am certain this 'campus comfort' will come in quite handy</p>

<p>Ha, I love my cushy mattress topper thingie. Seriously. Get one. =)</p>

<p>Thanks Mootmom. That's exactly what I needed to know!</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice!
Of course, since I live in Manila I don't look forward to carrying my stuff halfway across the world. I'm thinking I'll take up the Target trip...</p>

<p>There tends to be a few target trips, home depot trips, etc the first week... I've just always travelled light and ordered anything I could want online</p>

<p>Anything so should absolutely bring with you on the trip up there?</p>

<p>CC Target trip during Orientation... would be amazingly helpful! If it happens, count me in :)</p>