Packing questions

OK, so starting to develop packing lists and I have questions.

They say we need curtains, but that you should wait until you get to campus to buy them since windows are different room to room. So, where is the best place to buy curtains near campus? Do they re-sell recycled curtains from last year? Do they have full curtain rods in each room?

Is there a sustainability store where they re-sell other items (i.e. rugs, vacuums, fans) that get left in dorms at the end of spring semester?

Is laundry free or coin-operated?

What documentation does the student need to bring if they plan to get an on-campus job? Do they need originals of things like birth certificates?

Laundry is coin op.

Interested in what others say, here.

I’m just going to wait to see the room, bring basic tools and a tape measure, then run off to Walmart and buy what is needed. Anything they don’t have we can have shipped to store.

My concern is AC. We are New Englanders and survive with high ceilings and fans. That won’t cut it in Gettysburg. I’ll buy reversible window fans if windows allow for it; I wonder if that’s permitted.

I think there are only a few weeks in September and May where heat is any possible problem - Gettysburg is in the hill country so it’s a bit cooler than the lowlands. Kiddo reports seeing lots of table fans on his dorm tour but it hasn’t been warm enough yet to use them.

AC units show up - come with a doctor’s note regarding asthma or allergies for it to be okayed. In general you’ll be fine with just fans unless you’re staying over the summer.
For an on-campus job for which you’d be getting a 1099, you’d need to demonstrate proof of identity and citizenship. Usually that is a social security card, original birth cert or similar; check with the admin office on that since it’s a pretty standard request.

I’m real late to the party, so not sure if you’ll see this or not. I’m a rising sophomore at Gettysburg, and I can address the questions you asked. As far as curtains go, my roommate and I went all first year without them and were fine. I had one or two friends who had them but I think they’re far from essential. Windows all have pull down shades. There are curtain rods if you decide to get curtains, but we just taped a tide pod onto ours to remind ourselves to do our laundry. There’s a big Walmart < a mile off campus where you can get anything you need. My recommendation is to bring the essentials, and fill in the rest afterwards once you’ve seen the room.
As far as laundry goes, there is an app that you can connect any credit or debit card to that you can use to pay for the laundry machines, but they also accept quarters. The app is really useful when it’s working, but it is occasionally down so bring a roll or two of quarters as back up.
A/C: depending on the dorm you’re in (which you haven’t found out about yet), you may or may not have A/C included. Huber and Hanson have central air, so you won’t need a unit (but a fan will still be a must), and the other freshman dorms all have units available upon request with a doctor’s note. Call Academic Advising if you are placed in Patrick, Stine, Paul, Rice, or Musselman as soon as you get your housing assignment because the units are first come first served. You will need a doctor’s note.
Lastly for work documentation. I did not work on campus freshman year, but when I investigated it, it seemed pretty easy. A lot of it is online and through various offices on campus , so I wouldn’t worry about documentation right now as I’m sure they’ll tell you what you need and the process of getting a job is fairly easy on campus.
Hope I answered everything and you see this!

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