Paging Indian Students!

<p>How many Indian restaurants are there near campus? How far away are they?</p>

<p>Are there any specifically South Indian (Tamil) restaurants?</p>

<p>At the bottom I'm copying link to all the Indian restaurants in the STL metropolitan area. It appears there are 26. This website (Sauce Magazine) is an amazing resource for the STL restaurant scene.</p>

<p>Just note: Some of these restaurants are in random St Louis suburbia-land... unless you have a car, it would be really hard to get to several of the places on here. Map them out if you are interested in some of them. Wash U is located more nearby the city, which is really convenient for getting to the places in the city. Once you leave the 10 mile radius of downtown STL, though, the transit system doesn't go all the way out to suburbia. </p>

<p>With that said, the following restaurants are close enough to campus that you can take transit - metrolink or the metrobus</p>

<p>India's Rasoi (in the central west end... Quite popular with Wash U students)
House of India (university city.. on a metrobus route)
Everest Cafe (downtown, so metrolink access. This is actually Nepalese cuisine and it's really good)</p>

<p>all options: Sauce</a> Magazine</p>

<p>For what it's worth, there's both an Ethiopian and an Afghan restaurant on South Grand (great street with tons of ethnic restaurants) and a Syrian restaurant on the Loop, which might also have similar cuisine to what you're looking for.</p>