Paid already but was a day or two late because of common app glitch!!

<p>Hi, I had some common app trouble and now I am worried that I paid and sent it already with some a day late the rest two days late,. These are the colleges
* Harvard - 01/01
* Yale - 12/31
* Upenn - 01/01</p>

<p>I just sent the application for these colleges today early morning 3:47am. I paid and everything and it said submitted. Now I am worried that these colleges would not accept me because I was late. BUt it was not my fault as the common app had a problem and Now I am afraid, as I really worked had to go to these colleges!!! Pls help!!!
ivyaspire09 is online now</p>

<p>Pls reply or comment I am really worried!!!!</p>

<p>Anyone or someone pls comment and help me!!</p>

<p>For heaven's sake, relax. :) Your applications are in and paid for. You'll be considered.</p>

<p>what do you mean, geek_mom, even if I paid them two days late I would be considered?</p>