Paid Research For High School Students

<p>Is it feasible/would it even be allowed? Where would I look?</p>

<p>Definitely is possible but almost always depends on what kind of grants the PI can get. </p>

<p>I personally am doing paid research this summer (I <3 NIH!) but only because my PI got an NIH grant that specifically provided money to a high school student to do research.</p>

<p>My suggestion would be to try looking at labs and see whether you could at least volunteer there maybe 2 - 3 hrs/wk during the school year and talk to your PI about trying to get grants to pay you during the summer when you would have more time to dedicate to the lab. </p>

<p>Another option is to look for summer programs that provide students with a stipend while doing research, for example the Clark Scholar program at Texas Tech University.</p>