Palmetto Pathway vs Gamecock Gateway

Does anyone know the difference between the Palmetto Pathway and the Gamecock Gateway? The two programs look very similar. The only difference I see is that Gamecock Gateway students attend classes at Midlands instead of USC. Our daughter was accepted into the Palmetto Pathway program. Would like to get more information before we make the deposit of $750.

My son was accepted to the Gamecock Gateway Program. They do look very similar. The only difference I see is what you mentioned about where you take classes. My son is disappointed. He had his heart set on USC and says he doesn’t want to be looked at differently if he accepts GG.

We were disappointed too, but am thankful we at least have a shot after seeing all of the people that were waitlisted. I am also concerned about them being treated differently on campus.

You are so right! I keep telling my son the same thing. A lot of people were waitlisted or even denied. We should definitely be thankful for the opportunity given to us.
It would be nice to hear from current Gateway or Palmetto Pathway students!