Panic Dampening

<p>This was received from Claremont McKenna, and I would bet it applies to just about every college with a January 1 deadline. For those still working on apps, read and relax a bit:</p>

<p>As the college application process is winding to a close, we thought it would helpful to provide you with helpful information regarding the application process. First we would like to let you know that Claremont McKenna College will close at 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 22, 2011, and reopen at 8:00 am on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. If you have questions that you would like answered, prior to our application deadline of January 2, the next few days is the time to make such inquiries. </p>

<p>We also would like to clarify important points regarding submission of the application and accompanying application credentials:</p>

<p>SAT and/or ACT scores must be submitted directly to the Admission Office by the appropriate testing agency. </p>

<p>Please do not worry, the Common Application server is set to EST. We will still accept applications with the time stamp of January 3, 2012. </p>

<p>Please do not worry, you do not need to request rush service on your SAT or ACT scores as long as you submit your request to have your scores sent to us on or before January 15th. </p>

<p>Please do not worry, we realize that your schools close for winter break, so please be advised that the CMC Admission Committee will accept letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, and the School Report through the month of January in order to complete your application. </p>

<p>Please do not worry, other circumstances that require talking with our office can be handled in January without penalty to your application.</p>

<p>This should be bumped. I can 100% guarantee you that there will be literally hundreds of posts here at or near Jan 1 from worried applicants and their 12:02 timestamped applications or insane b/c they can't get Fed Ex to ship something at 3AM in the morning.</p>

<p>I guess people think there are a legion of zombie admissions workers sitting by the glow of computer monitors on New Year's Eve with a finger on the Delete button for everything that comes in after the "deadline". </p>

<p>They utter a collective evil groan of excitement when they simutaneously hit the delete button upon the 12 midnight new year's eve countdown and shut down further submissions.</p>

<p>The glow of these monitors is accompanied by the orange tinges of roaring fires just outside their windows. These, of course, are the roaring bonfires where mail room ogres toss basketfuls of unopend rec letters, transcripts and art supplements that are not correctly postmarked.</p>