Panicking about essay length

I just sent in my EA application today (YAY!) but now I’m getting worried-

The directions said to submit essays that are approximately one page in length. I assumed they meant single-spaced, so I figured it would be okay to go a little over if I did 1.5 spacing.

So… my essays are about a page and a quarter, size ten font and 1.5 spacing. Does this seem reasonable? The margins are about .75, I think. I’m just getting worried that I wrote too much, b/c everyone else wrote essays about 2-300 words shorter than mine.

Oh and another thing- Even if I did write too much, will that really work against me?

Thanks so much!

<p>shouldnt really work against you, they should still read your essay. its just that it wouldnt work for you either.</p>

<p>well... I can't quite understand why in the world you would put it at 1.5 space and size 10 font. 1) size 10 font is hard on the eyes, always use size 12 times new roman 2) why 1.5 space? all formal letters, papers, etc are single spaced. double spacing is only for school work when your teachers have to make corrections. If you had put it as single space to begin with and size 12 font, your essay would have probably fit on one page without you having to adjust the margins.</p>