Panicking about SAT Dec 4th...can I do it?

<p>I need to get my verbal score up before Dec 4th. I'm in the low 600s and I need AT AT least a 670 ish. Can I do anything now to raise it?
My problem is that I understand passage and stuff but I just don't get the questions right. The strange thing is that I always help people with verbal SATs and know exactly how to expain to them the answers...but they end up with higher scores. I misread a lil too much, maybe I'm dyslexic, I don't know I just fail at life. What can I do???</p>

<p>If you want to boost your verbal/math score, the basic rules apply: CONCENTRATE and FOCUS carefully on each question. The trick that helped me with finding the BEST answer for each critical reading question was constantly referring back to the passage to make sure that the right answer was stated directly/indirectly within those lines (in certain cases it requires that you read that section two or three times). Make sure that you are practicing on REAL SAT tests within the next few weeks to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, get sufficient sleep the night before the test. My advice might sound banal, but it's the general rule of thumb.</p>