Panicking over Subject Test Scores.... 640 & 690

Hello All!

I’m applying this year to Georgetown McDonough School of Business, and I’m getting a little worried about my low subject test scores. I had no idea about SAT II until 2 months ago (literally no one in my area takes them or SAT) so I quickly rushed studying and got: 690 Math I, 640 Math II, and 770 US History. For those who don’t know, you are required to send in your entire testing history. I was told by an AO that the math scores are important to admissions to the business school

Will this heavily drag down my application? Do I bother explaining that on the app? Looking for some thoughts.

I don’t have an answer but I’m in the same boat. I got a 1460 on the SAT which is within the threshold so I want to submit that, but sophomore year I took (and did not study for) the US History (560) and Math II (600) Subject Tests. Would it be worth it to go test optional? Also I got a 5 on AP Comp Gov, 4 on APUSH, 4 on AP World, and 3 on AP Calc BC. Which AP scores would be beneficial to report?

Please anyone answer I’m freaking out.

I believe (though like anyone on this place giving advice you should probably double check) that they definitely do look at when you took the SAT Subject tests and put that into consideration. have you taken any others?

You can note when you took the SAT subject tests, but you must submit them. Only applicants who have not been able to test can apply test optional. Those with standardized test scores must submit all of them per Georgetown’s website. A Flexible Approach to Testing Requirements: | Office of Undergraduate Admissions | Georgetown University

OP must submit their subject test scores as well, I’m not sure explaining that they rushed/didn’t prepare is going to help explain the low math scores.

hey there! Your scores are great. Mine scores were a bit lower than yours and I was accepted EA!

Hi… I am applying to Georgetown College for 2022. I did not realize that GU needed all SAT scores, so I only sent in one. Upon realizing this, I did send all of them. Will this look bad on my part, since they are getting two scores

No, that’s not a problem.