Pantomime in Monologues? (kind of important :) )

<p>So, I have an audition in two weeks, and for various reasons I had to change the classical monologue I had planned to do. I am now doing Ophelia's mad scene, and although the dialogue is pretty easy to learn, I am not sure what to do about blocking. I wanted Ophelia to strew her flowers on the ground, but is that cheesy? To what extent is pantomiming objects (like holding flowers, throwing them, etc.) cheesy, or should I even use it at all? I think if I can execute it properly, the makebelieve flowers would be very effective, but i dont know if pantomime is even recommended... any thoughts?</p>

<p>it would even make sense in that monologue that she DOESN'T have flowers at all, but completely believes she does-- it's all about how you play it. i think a more realistic piece where you are just pantomiming things you'd have in a real production might be an issue, but this wouldn't. however, i think this monologue might be a little overdone...unsure about this.</p>

<p>Yes, this monologue has been done a lot, but since you only have two weeks you probably should stick with it. I agree with deenierah that the "invisible" flowers can be part of Ophelia's madness -- play it that way and it should be very effective.</p>